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Welcome to Black Sensor Systems

We offer you sensors for Insitu measurement of the size distribution of Crystals, Particles, Aerosol and Droplets that allow a real-time control of your process.

With Black Sensor systems you can save costly time and man power.
With our sensory you get 24 hour fingerprint and size information of your process based on low cost solutions.

After an alarm by our Black Sensor System you only have to take these samples to the laboratory for detailed analysis.
Instead of uneconomic use of labor to analyze all samples in the laboratory the process is controlled right from your office desk.

No taking of samples. No dilution and tampering. No loss of time. Neither loss of batch nor batch volume itself.
You gain optimization of the process and the purity of your product.

To see further information of our products like ranges or prices, please feel free to register to our site. Therefore see our disclaimer for more information about our privacy police.

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